There are loads of vegan curd recipes on blogs and YouTube channels out there. Most of the online recipes use store-bought non-dairy curd as the starter. But… what if you don’t have the option of buying any vegan curd off the shelves in your local supermarket, as is the case in most Indian cities?

Relax! There are numerous ways of making your own vegan curd starter at home with some easily available ingredients.

Here are 5+ methods—all tried and tested—for you to try!

  1. Curd starter with peanuts & chilies
  2. Moong dal starter
  3. Curd starter with peanuts & ginger
  4. How to make a starter with oats?
  5. Make curd starter with dalia/broken wheat!
  6. Make vegan curd starter with idli batter!
  7. How to make curd starter with cooked rice?
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