Continued from Meet the Mascot—Part I

Sometime in May 2015, the mule came to the notice of a kind-hearted human. One thing led to another, and soon she was bundled up on a jeep carrier and transported to the Peepal Farm, an organic farm and stray animal recovery center in Dhanotu which is run by a group of vegans who are committed to helping animals.

Bela. That’s what the folks at the farm named the traumatized and fearful mule. Now, for the first time in her life, she was recognized as an individual. For the first time, she experienced love at the hands of humans, a species that had so far only tormented her. She thrived under the watchful care she was receiving and blossomed into a content, sweet-natured, and trusting individual.

It was around this time that I first met her on a visit to the farm. I was watching her from a distance as she calmly basked in the warm spring sun, with an air of quiet dignity about her. In a split second, she’d flipped on to her side and was vigorously rolling on the ground, sending up huge clouds of dust around herself! And even before the dust settled down, Bela was back to her original position, all quiet and dignified. Just how cute was that!

If you have never seen a mule enjoy a roll in the dust, you’re seriously missing something! I fell deeply in love with her that very moment and asked the Universe for guidance on how to do my bit for rescued farm animals like Bela. Within days I started receiving unmistakable signs and was gently guided towards opportunities to serve animals in small but meaningful ways. And for that, I consider myself blessed.

Meanwhile, good things were happening in Bela’s life as well.  By mid-2017 she had fully recovered from her injuries and was happily trotting around on four legs. However, the folks at the farm didn’t want to release her in the village—someone could catch this sweet animal and force her into slavery again now that she was fit and healthy. Thankfully, a good solution was soon found. In October the same year, Bela was sent to live at Rahaat for Animals in Dehradoon.

Today Bela is a happy girl, living a peaceful life in the company of fellow mules, donkeys, and horses. In the safety of the shelter and the care of humans who feed and groom her, she has found her “happily ever after.” And since she is so special to me, I have chosen her to be the mascot of this blog 🙂

Btw, if you’re a vegan who loves animals, do check out the work of Peepal Farm and Raahat for Animals. Both are pro-vegan organizations genuinely working for animals of all species, especially rescued farm animals.

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