1. How to make peanut curd at home?

Check out this post, Creamy Peanut Curd!

2. Can I use peanuts with other ingredients to make curd?

Yes, sure, you can! Try Peanut-Cashew Curd and Peanut-Rice Curd.

3. My peanut curd smells horrible! How to resolve this?

Follow the instructions in this post to make creamy peanut milk with a neutral flavor profile. Use this peanut milk to make your curd!

4. My peanut curd never sets properly! Any tips? 

Here are some tips for next time:

5. My peanut curd tastes bland! How to make it sourish?

Alternatively, add a few drops of lemon juice to your curd while eating.

6. How to use peanut curd?

You can use peanut curd as an alternative to dairy curd in any savory preparation. Use it to make raita, kadhi, chaach, avial, dahi aloo, mor kozhambu, vegan mayonnaise, dahi chutney, rava idli, curd rice, dahi bhalle, gravies, marinades, chat, dahi poori… The options are endless 🙂 

I don’t use peanut curd in sweet preparations but some people do. 

7. What can I do with my peanut curd experiments that don’t turn out well? I hate to waste stuff.

Even if your peanut curd doesn’t set well, it can still be used to make kadhi or vegetable gravies. 

However, if it has an unpleasant smell and/or a weird/slimy texture,  then it is spoiled. Just throw it away! 

Hope this post was helpful 🙂 

Let me know if you have any other questions! 

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