It’s summer—the perfect time to make and enjoy vegan versions of refreshing curd-based items like meethi lassi, masala chaach, raita, fruit yogurt, curd rice, etc. Here are 5+ easy, tried & tested variations of plant-based curd you can make at home.

Start off with making a starter culture—choose any of these 5 types of vegan curd starters—and you’re ready to go ahead and make yourself a bowl of rich and creamy vegan curd that can be used in place of dairy curd in any recipe.

Step 1:

How to make curd starter: 5 Types of Vegan Curd Starters

Step 2:

9 Types of Homemade Vegan Curd

Peanut-Rice Curd

Homemade Soy Milk Curd

Soy Curd with Soy Milk Powder

Melon seed & Rice Curd

Cashew-Rice Curd

Coconut Curd

Peanut-Cashew Curd

Almond Curd with Agar Agar

Cashew Curd with Agar Agar


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